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To create great Corporate Videos it takes tremendous Video processes through which a story gets build, visualized, captured, scripted, chiseled and displayed. We try to perfect our Corporate Video Production Process to make attractive Corporate Videos with a magical touch through our Unique process.
Pre Production

client meeting

Fetching Keywords for Success

We have a close discussion with our Clients, where we know them better, understand what they need and fetch what absolutely we need to create their Story with!



Breaking down the Keys to Hints

Our Pre-production teams collide to analyze, finalize on what’s adequate for the Story and build ideas with the hints that we find out. We strongly believe that Brains together can cause a Storm!

Scripting and Story Board


Paraphrasing & Visualizing the Frames

Our Script writers work on the script whilst visualizing the scenes that can tell your story better and sketch the Story Board along with. Our Story Board Frames all the relevant content that has to be captured.

Voice Over Recording

voice over recording

Giving Voice to the Story

Our scripts carry immense truth and focuses on what exactly the story has to speak for itself. After our clients find it as the exact story which they wanted to say, we record it with a most mesmerizing voice.



Capturing the real Story

Our Pre-production team visualizes the story in invisible realm and team re-captures the same in visible realm with a strongly built Script & Story Board backed up with a proper Shoot Plan.

Post Production
Video Editing

video editing

Do all the Chiselling & Sculpting

Our In-house Video Editors do a glance study of the Story, gather complete knowledge of the Corporate Video and Edit it such a way the Video reaches and engages the widest Audience possible with its true story.

Audio Editing / BGM Mixing

audio editing / bgm mixing

Adding Soul to the Story

We know that every Story has its own splendour! We bring out the beauty within by inspiriting the Story with a Music that matches the true-self of the Corporate Video with our Audio Editing & BGM Mixing.

Graphics / Animation

graphics / animation

Beautifying each frame

A touch of magic can add excitement to the Corporate Video. Our Animation & Graphics Team are highly Creative and ensure to create a magical sensation with their crazy & engaging ideations.



Fitting all into a Tiny Box

We deliver Corporate Videos in all compatible formats that the client needs. Whichever format the client wants it, to air on TV channels, showcase it on Youtube or anywhere else, we are ready to deliver the best!

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