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Every success
has its own humble beginning!

Our story holds hardships as well as triumphs which ultimately led us to work on the Ideation that became Easton Media & enabled us change the global perception and approach to Corporate Video Production.

Easton History

What Makes Us Unique!

We belong to the Corporate Video Production in India. We used to work closely with clients who needed help producing regular internal, marketing and promotional videos at least once a week—quite an expensive investment, so you know much our clients believed in us! We realized that if we could equip companies with trained professionals to plan, corporate Video and execute their vision, we could do all the heavy lifting for them in post-production while they reap the incredible benefits.

And that’s when Easton was born!

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We believe in the thought that Well begun is half done.

As visual artists, conceptualizers and storytellers, our strong pre-production stage sets a sturdy foundation for us to confidently build our ideas. One of our most vital elements is the storyboard, which works as a tool to combine all visual, narrative and technical information. The client can clearly understand our vision for the final product and the technical team can prepare to capture that vision and tell our story. It is through this story, that we give brands a voice.

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Started initially as a Post – production Agency with an hired Professionals for Pre-production, we are now specialising in making bespoke videos with our own Pre-production & Post-production team. We greatly emphasize our passion through knowing our clients better and delivering what exactly they ask. Any form of Branded content, Documentaries or Corporate Videos we are ready to deliver the best!

And that makes who we’re Today!



Mr. Sivakumar’s creative drive & 18+ years of experience has inspired his team members to follow his belief of absolute perfection at every stage of the project. His passion and pursuit of creative thought are vital to Easton’s success.



Scriptwriting is not just an act of composing sentences, it is attempting to form a connection between the audience’s mind and the subject. Ms. Kerri’s passion is to detect the link and forge that connection.



A quality driven creative thinker with an instinct for the flow of a video, Mr. Manoj’s talent in art lets him singlehandedly bridge the gap between an abstract concept and its visual representation.



A cine veteran with 14+ years in the field, Mr. Ganesh’s level of understanding, planning, technological knowledge and implementation is unparalleled. An artist with complete expertise in his medium.



Skilled & adept at his trade, Mr. Vijay has 14+ years of experience in audio production with both corporate and film industries. His dedication to quality and wide range of technical knowledge are exceptional.



Leading a well-equipped team with an extraordinary skill set, Mr. Saravanakumar is a detail-oriented, quality focused artist with 16+ years of experience in video production all across the country.

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