How To Shoot Product Video For Your Company

product video

Video marketing reach the target audience better than comparative to other marketing tools. All must know the fact that “picture speaks soundly”. This results in cultivating achievable results. So that only successful or yet to be successful business companies are engaging in doing video marketing to reach audience. If you plan do the video marketing services for your own company, hire the best video production company for best results. One has to give effective inputs to come up with the quality results. Get in touch with the experienced video production company.

Product video is about the company’s products or services. It is differed from corporate or social video. For example “xyz” is the successful business company in London. Social video focuses solely on promotional aspects. Corporate video focus only the company’s culture, vision and mission. Product video is about “xyz” products & services. The running time of product video lasts for 10 minutes. It can be produced for company employees and target audience. Product must be explained from A to Z in video along with the production stages. You need to explain
Why the product is produced?
To whom the product is produced?
Benefits of the product to its target customers?

The production design must be good as it induce the viewers’ to buy the product from the market place. Viewers’ should understand the company product in well-defined manner. The production design must not confuse the end users in determining aim of the video. The content plays a crucial role in video marketing. Good Content completes the video in result oriented mode. Without writing the supportive content, a video can’t achieve its results. One has to know that a good video needs a supportive content.

A product video has to talk elaborately about the products & services. A product video has to explain the message very elaborately and in very simple manner. To build the product’s image, video marketing tool is mandatory.

Our Sample videos are…



Why Animated Video Is The Best Strategy For Social Media

animated video

In the digitalized era, everyone relies upon the digital gadgets and its applications. Definitely, the invention of social media application has changed the way of interaction. A study says that global people spent more time on social media sites than in spending time with their mobile phones. This clearly states that the present generation of people feel good in sharing information to others.

Actually, people shares entertaining, useful and beneficial content on the sites. If you upload people focused corporate profile video means without questionable it will be shared in other networking sites. But, one should follow the ‘Rules of video making’ to get more shares and clicks.

As a business person, one should be recommended to create and upload business video with lot of animated contents. Animation has taken the technology to the next level. Do you know one thing? Animated contents can capture the human minds very faster than normal video? Storytelling is the important characteristic for business video.

Animation add artistic elements to the business video if added. Almost all the business companies engaged in making corporate or process video by adding the animatic elements. Survey says that animation movies make huge profits than any other movies in cine industry. Overall, it is cleared that business video should be animatic to get more shares in social media sites.

What Is The Right Video Marketing Strategy For Startup Business?



A video marketing strategy can be differed from startup business to established business. Kindly, understand that the strategy can be differed but the output result must be brilliant. Are you going to shoot up your business enterprise? Have knowledge about social media marketing. In today’s context, SMM helps to cultivate business profits tremendously. Video marketing comes under the umbrella term of Social Media Marketing. Execute SMM for your business by now to reach your audience. Reaching your target audience is the main aim of marketing. Video marketing provides 100% support for your business.

A good story telling must be delivered to shoot and upload proper video. Set along with your team and plan the budget. A good video must not be long more than 4 to 5 minutes. According to the time estimation, plan your budget and shooting spots. The video stuff should be strong as well as in lighter way to be catchy to viewers. Consider that music to be related as per the video. One shouldn’t add melodies or beating music. The music should support the screenplay. Overall, the marketing strategy should be customized & optimized as per the taste of audience.

Don’t forget to ask the corporate or promotional video samples of the company if you plan to work with particular videography company. Check thoroughly whether the video samples are up-to the standard. Don’t worry if the budget is too costly because the output result will be good. Why you are waiting? Plan for the shooting session. Upload video to expand your business. Reaching your audience emotionally is important.




Why Video Works on Social Media?


Digital media has taken the entertainment to the next level. Digitalization has made the human life so easy, convenient and efficient. Everyone is in the situation of not able to spend a single second without using digital gadgets. It’s to be admitted that using innovative gadgets have become part of our lifestyle. Social media makes people to share joke, information and aid in lesser than a minute globally. It is very true that modern people likes to live in virtual world than in physical world. This easily understands that business people has to utilize social media to reach global people.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

According to branding, the above text can be changed to

‘A video is worth a thousand words’

Visual content connects people very emotionally than other modes of content. So that an impact of cine industry among society people is very larger. The way it creates influence is big and not able to be given by other sources of entertainment. It’s understandable that since yesteryears everyone enjoys to watch movies.

People likes to enjoy things which give pleasure and entertainment. Video mode offers rich taste of entertainment. Social media is the platform which offers complete entertainment. This results in modern people to share and enjoy  videos.

So that only business persons are engaging in creating, uploading and sharing business videos. Digital people uses the social media application in healthy way to reach customers.

Are you owning a business?

Need to expand your business?

Want to reach your customers effectively?

Create your account in social media. Upload videos to your needs. Reach customers. Expand your business. Start creating videos to cultivate profits. One of our sample video:

Why Do We Need An Animation Video?

corporate video

Animation is the ultimate in technology of motion picture. Animation is just animate the things and blends with human characters. People all over the world love to animate the things and eager to do such a things. Everywhere in the world types of animation movies run for the packed houses in theaters.

It is clearly understands that people like animatic characters. Creation supports the animation technology a lot in producing the images. When it comes to marketing your business company, one should create own company video with a lot of artistic elements.

Normally, animatic characters catches our mind more than anything. Story telling have been taken to the next level if blends with animation. Story telling is the inevitable characteristic when it comes to people focused business video or for internal purpose.

The story telling gets interested by adding the animatic characters. Your video gets more viral and likes quickly in social media sites. It is little bit costlier in adding the animatic elements but the output result will be excellent.

Overall, it’s concluded that animation adds colorfulness to video. Reach your audience effectively and expand your business right now.

Social Videos and Benefits

social video

The term ‘Marketing’ got the new definition after invention of social media processes in the digitalized world. It is very sure to say that social media websites have taken the marketing activity to the next level. ‘Social video marketing’ has simplified the art of reaching people in the today’s world when it comes to the business.

Trending social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google plus. The term SOCIAL VIDEO refers to creating and uploading user engagement videos on the social media platforms. Business persons and marketing professionals must create account and active in social media platforms to reach the target audience easily and effectively.

Social video is one of the best marketing strategies make target audience up to 75%. Recent survey says that videos on the social video platforms gets more importance than the smart phones among people.

Benefits of social video

The product become success in market if that is easily connects with the target audience. A business entrepreneur must create video about the launching product with the “people connection” in mind. Since, emotion brings close to the people the created video should be emotional to increase the business profit. The video must not last more than 2 or 3 minutes to become viral.

Whatever your business is or size of your corporation, one must create social media video to reach people and increase business profits.

Online video presence is essential to become success in the world of consumerism.

Reasons Why Your Business Need Explainer Video

Explainer video

Explainer videos are considered to be as vital marketing tool for any kind of business. The explainer video is essential factor to promote any business to the mass audience.

Here are various reasons why a business needs an explainer video

  • Explain the product or service in seconds
  • Boost all of the marketing campaigns
  • Help to build personal brand
  • Increase product sales

Explain the product or service in seconds:

It is highly important to explain that the business idea to the consumer quickly and thereby reaching mass audience in short span of time.

Boost marketing campaigns:

The explainer video which is made for business can able to boost all the marketing campaigns such as social media websites, digital and in person marketing. If the explainer video can boost the marketing campaign of any business and thereby increasing the sales and brand value of the company.

Build Personal Brand:

The explainer video can help to build the personal brand for any business. Personal branding is all about giving a unique identification and standout among other companies doing similar business or various other businesses.

Increase Product Sales:

The explainer video helps to increase product sales for a business just by explaining the product to the mass audience in a short span of time.

Creating An Advertising Videos

Corporate video


An advertising video is a powerful audio- visual medium in order to be created for a product, company or a brand. The AD Video is one of the smartest ways to showcase our talent and creativity in few minutes.

There are few tips to Create Effective Advertising Video

Making a Brief ADS:

Advertising videos are usually of short video length, may be of 30 seconds to one minute. If the advertisement prolong for more than a minute, it may look odd and boring. In order to avoid it, we can make use of short ads that convey the message in a most interesting way.

Make a Ad Video:

The making of Ad video must be of interesting and it must convey the message in a right way. The ad video can be made for product or brand or for a company. It should be visual appealing and it should look sensible to the audience. It can be funny but not like a jokey ad video.

Using Clear Language:

The usage of clear language is most important aspect of creating advertising videos. The clear language used in the ads conveys the message clearly and thereby not confusing the audience about any product or brand.





Why We Need An Infographic Product Video??

Infographic product video


An Infographic product video is about visual form of data and knowledge in audio and video (AV) format.  The video length is about 90 seconds. It’s really an interesting and entertaining combination of audio and video. The audience can easily make an emotional attachment to the message conveyed in info graphic video and they will share to friends and it can be viewed multiple times.

When we speak about infographic product video, it mainly speaks about any product or brand, its special features and the usage of product to consumer. The need to make an infographic product video is to promote any product or brand in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

It can be said in other way as to create a product or brand awareness about the product. The AV format has got a high impact than any other format such as audio. The presentation of infographic product video must be in AV Format in order to make high impact on audience.

The main need of infographic product video is to create product or brand awareness and to market it in a right way through various online social media websites.

Our sample videos are…

Why video is so expensive??

Corporate video

The creating or making a video is a complex video process and it involves huge team work. The creation of high quality video content is still a large investment because it involves both creative and technical inputs to make effective video.

The two main factors which affect the total cost of the video are

  • The number of locations which are used for making videos
  • The shoot length which means number of shooting days for which the entire production will cost for the team.

Crew and Talent:

The entire crew which is headed by the director to make video which includes producer, director of photography, gaffer, grip, sound record, on spot editors and production assistant. If the crew is big, the expense for making video will be obviously big one. It is basically a big crew set working for Hollywood superhero movie. The effective video making involves a great talent of direction and the entire team. It’s the talent of the entire team which makes the video to be shooted within planed shooting days which will save a big money for production and thereby delivering a high quality video.


The equipment used for making video will come into account when it concerns with the production budget of the video. The most important aspect of making an effective video is choosing and using good or great camera equipment and lighting which is needed to make a good video for any requirements.

Production design/ Art direction:

The production design is an important part of team because they always monitor the budget of the video making as per number of shooting days. They tend to maintain an equalizing balance between number of shooting days with production value of making video.

The art direction for making video is so vital because they enhance the aesthetic value of the video. They coordinate with all the departments of video making team.

Location, transportation, set costs and food:

The location, transportation, set costs and food are the basic requirements for any team to make effective video making. It should be properly planned in order to use the production cost in an effective manner. It’s also an important factor that may increase the production value to make an effective video.

These are the factors which makes video as a most expensive making medium than any other media such radio jingles, digital posters and print ads.

Our sample video…