What is Corporate Video??

corporate video

Corporate video is about making a video for a company, organization or a MNC. It’s about making a video for company in the aspects of showing to company employees and clients and posting it on social media websites.

There are different types of corporate video such as

  • Motion Graphics Video
  • Product Video
  • Advertising Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Education Video
  • Training Video

The corporate video production process involves many processes in making of corporate video.

Client’s Enquiry:

Initially client will make enquiries, discussions with the team in order to ensure that the corporate video is made effectively. This is an initial step in corporate video production.

Developing the company concept for video:

The development of concept about company or organization is highly important in video production process because it gives the complete ideology for the creative team in making corporate video.

Developing the concept for video:

The discussion and creative work in developing concept is an important task in making corporate video because it will decide about the work quality and the overall output of the corporate video.

Production Plan:

The planning of production is based upon the budget, cast and crew and the market value of the corporate video. Thus, planning of production is the main aspect of corporate video production.

R & D – Location:

The R & D work for selecting location gives an aesthetic value to the corporate video. This makes the corporate video more effective and visually stunning!!

Video Production:

The filming of video is a significant task and process in film making. It’s totally a video roll on process in which the video is shooted at various locations with a big creative cast and crew. Any type of video making involves a certain level of risk and effort in making it as a good video.

Editing & Delivering the First Copy:

The final stage in corporate video production process is editing the raw video footage and delivering the first copy to the client. If there is any change in video content quality, the changes can be made and it can be delivered as final copy. The source file can be provided if it is requested by the client.

The steps involved in making a corporate video simply defines the corporate video. One of our sample video are..