Difference Between Corporate Video & Promo Video

corporate video


In the present technological world, every one relies up-on electronic gadgets to get the job done. Video marketing is the favorite term for almost all people in the business world. Are you successfully running a business? If your answer is ‘Yes’ means open account in social media platforms to create & upload promotional videos about your business. You are able to reach thousands of people within less than a second in opening profile account in SMP.

Do you know the difference between promotional & corporate video? Corporate video means video is created for the company people. Promotional video is created for the public people. Promotional video is about history of a business, benefits & how it emotionally connects with employees & people. In less than 5 minutes, it tells completely about the company vision & mission in good format. Satisfaction is the main point after watching the promotional video.

Promotional video is mainly for marketing & promotion. Promotional video is customized as per the taste of audience. It has customized colors, storytelling concepts, ingredients etc. Have a glimpse of many promotional business videos in social media platforms. The story telling concept is differed from business to business.

Corporate video is mainly created for business employees whether technical or non-technical. It can be customized as per the business language to suit the business people. The corporate video must be blended with the corporate language. It has to be informative blended with the promotional concept. Kindly, check with the video company whether it is standardized in planning & creating promotional and corporate video for business enterprises. Don’t forget to ask the budget in creating videos for your establishment.

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